21 March 2011 New Facebook page for Prague Metro!
18 February 2010 Photos and description of Lužiny station added.
11 December 2009 Photos of Nové Butovice station added.
27 November 2009 Googlemaps added to stations on line C as well, so all statons of Prague metro are now covered.
23 November 2009 A new section about Prague tram system added so you can have a better image of Prague public transport. This section will surely be expanded later to contain more information.
19 November 2009 Googlemaps added to all stations on line B as well.
Former names of stations added to the list of stations.
8 November 2009 Small googlemaps showing location of the ticket halls added to all stations on line A.
14 October 2009 I'm back! :-)
History, Stations and Map sections updated to correspond with the latest extension of line C opened in 2008.
21 January 2007 Luka station added.
8 January 2007 Anděl station added.
4 January 2007 New info and description at Vysočanská.
14 December 2006 Added info and description to the photos of Kobylisy.
7 December 2006 Křižíkova and Invalidovna stations added.
20 November 2006 A timeline of Prague metro added to the history section.
13 November 2006 New Rolling stock section.
8 November 2006 A page about the history of the metro system in Prague added.
1 November 2006 Prague Metro website opened to public. I hope you'll enjoy it. :o)
The stations I have already made photo pages for are these: Dejvická, Hradčanská, Muzeum, Náměstí míru, Jiřího z Poděbrad and Flora on line A, Vysočanská, Kolbenova and Hloubětín on line B and Budějovická, I. P. Pavlova, Muzeum, Hlavní nádraží, Nádraží Holešovice, Kobylisy and Ládví on line C.